SIFT - Cash Back Automatically App Reviews

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Can’t believe how well this works and really helps anyone understand all their credit card benefits even the most hidden ones. This app is a life saver... unreal!!!!!

Nice job

Services like these are going to end credit card benefit programs.

Awesome app!

Great app! Submits the claim so you don’t even need to tap a button!

Not reliable for every one

They don’t support credit card from all bank It’s not for me


Seems like a cool app, but because it crashes the nanosecond after I try to open it on my iPhone X, I guess I’ll never know...

Don’t bother —only for credit card users

I got excited about possible refunds with this app — but after downloading I found out it only recognizes purchases with credit cards only. Very disappointed.

Great app


It actually works very well! Great app.

I love this app. It actually does get you money back, and has awesome features that Keep me up to date on everything I buy on amazon. Fantastic

Awesome app

I love this app. Tracks everything

Awesome app!!

Awesome app, detects price drops and I receive a check in the mail. A no brainer! It does all the work and I get to sit back and collect free money. It’s great for all Amazon shoppers. Wish I had this app years ago.

New updates are great.

Beautiful app that’s also useful!

Good but needs improvement

I have used this app and received refunds on purchases from Amazon and from some Credit Cards. However, the app is unable to read receipts from Banana Republic( BR) and Origins. I sent a copy of BR receipts team to research further but haven’t heard in a month. This explains some fallacies.

Edited: app is working now

This app can take a long time for purchases to load and can make it seem as of you have not connected your credit cards.


This app is awesome!! Saved me an extra $30 bucks on a graphics card I bought. So happy!!

Not ready for prime time

I was alerted about a price drop but the app would not let me submit a claim using the app. Instead it suggested manually submitting. When I tried that, the app’s submit button didn’t work. I guess their testing team hasn’t actually tried all the app’s functions.

Refund process not working

It hangs during refund process witha big green loading circle

Great App!

This app is awesome! Especially when it comes to the price protection and change alerts. They even give a delivery status on items. The only reason I didn’t give five stars is because it does need some work. The visuals can be a little glitchy and they don’t always have the correct card matched with a purchase, so I have to change it from time to time. But other than that, it truly is a great app. :)

Surprised and pleased

I have received three checks in the mail already for money I was genuinely eligible for but wouldn’t have known otherwise. I definitely recommend it!

Saving more than on couponing!

I normally don’t write reviews unless service was ridiculously horrible however I have nothing but nice things to say about sift not only has it saved me a bunch of money I would have never looked for on my own but it also has taught me a lot about my credit cards that I never even knew existed yes they charge a 25% fee but without them there’s no way I would be filing claims & checking for price drops within less than a month sift has found me over $200 that’s not including the $183 that I didn’t receive because I wasn’t completely aware of the process & didn’t file claims in time. Love sift would definitely recommend to any & everyone Plus really what can it hurt?! All your doing is giving your card info which is secure never once have I seen any unauthorized charges only thing I’ve received is a bunch of checks yes there small but they add up biggest check I’ve got was $60 on one item.

Love it!!

This app is one of my favorites. Don’t know how they do it, but I’m always alerted to when something is shipped and when I can expect delivery. This is so helpful in scheduling my day.

Works better than Earny and Paribus


Wants my email PASSWORD!

Stopped me in my tracks. When signing up for the service, which sounds awesome, asks for my email address AND “Use Password of the email id entered above”! Why on God’s green earth would I provide a third-party the password to my email address. I am shocked that Apple lets this go in the store. Deleting the app.

Saves money. App is buggy

The app has a scrolling issue that makes it impossible to look though your purchases. But there have been a few times it caught a price change. Feels good to get a check in the mail.

Would be great if debit cards could be added

The concept is good yet I purchase everything with a debit card and unless I haven't found the feature yet, you can't add one.

Be Careful

Concerns about the integrity of this app. I noticed orders listed on the app that I did not make nor were listed on my credit card. Decided to play it safe and deleted my credit card and linked account information and then deleted the app.

Actually useless

When it submits price drop claims half the time they don’t work. More of an issue with the system than the app itself though. The notifications don’t seem to work very well. It spams you with review requests until you click write a review. Unacceptable. That alone gets you one star. Update Thanks for the copy and pasted response to try to save face. That makes me dislike your app even more. Honestly, if you got rid of the forced review, I’d change to 4 stars.

Does what it says

I have got several checks from my credit card on price protection.

Lost old account

Confusing and can’t keep track

Sift is great

I really like how Sift is proactive in tracking price reductions. I was eligible for two price reductions and Sift did all the paperwork and I received the two rebates.

Doesn't let me type in my passcode; no keyboard

This had great potential, but also has some quirks. When I can't get in the app using Face ID, it sends me to the screen to type my passcode, but no keyboard pops up for me to type it. Why ask for a passcode if I don't have a keyboard to type it in?

App doesn’t update

For me, the app doesn’t update unless I uninstall it, reboot my phone, and reinstall it. But even then, I can only view the new purchases. I have to go to the website to hit the button to submit claims. What’s the point in the app then? I can’t even do a remove and re-add of accounts in the add. The app was working fine until about 3 weeks ago.

Helped me detect a fraudulent charge

I'm almost in tears now. Thanks to sift I was able to detect a charge made in my Macy's account. Someone hacked into my Macy's account and changed the shipping. If it hasn't been for this app I would've checked my email way later and it would've been too late to cancel it. Still feeling shaky but have a lot to be grateful for.

Does not work



This is the only new thing I’ve given my email to, as I tend to be picky. After giving up my email to Sift, I began getting a ridiculous amount of spam emails related to banks, credit, money, giveaways, etc. Thanks for destroying my inbox! Remember everyone, nothing is *free*.

Good but...

the idea is good, but I need the ability to tell Sift when I use something other than a credit card so I can get rid of the notifications. I use PayPal a lot and debit cards too. Even if I can’t ‘unlock’ the benefits at least let me tell you that I didn’t use a credit card.

So many features not ready for prime time

I like the idea of the app, but let’s be honest, it’s just not ready. The app found 2 purchases I made almost instantly. However, since then it has asked me 2 more times to claim those refunds. I can’t and shouldn’t need to keep doing that. They also included a tracking feature within the app. It’s neat, but it shows the completely wrong information. If I go to the carrier website to track, it shows the item delivers today when their app says 3 days from now. I understand this is a startup and they’re working hard to get this going, but don’t release features that aren’t ready for prime time because all it does it makes me want to delete the app.

Great App !

Recommending this for sure !

Yep, it’s in here!

Trying to remember best card for extended warranty? Best card to use with rental car? How about price match when price goes down? I can’t keep all that in my head so I love Sift. It’s all in one place and so easy to use. Truly a useful app. Thanks!

Sounds like a great app until you need help.

I downloaded this app because I love the idea of it. However, after spending time setting it up, I had a few questions. I went straight to the FAQ’s and read through it. Nope, nada, very little information on troubleshooting. No worries I thought, I will just zip off an email to their customer service and I will probably have an answer back within a couple of hours. Well, after spending all day worrying that I have handed over my credit card numbers AND access to my personal email to an unknown entity that won’t return 2 emails requesting help, I have decided I will just delete my account. I am glad it works for some people, but the lack of response is annoying.

Updated Review

I'm updating my initial review because the developers were very quick in responding to my initial negative review. This expeditious response tells me these developers aren't fly by night wannabes and that they take feedback seriously. Having been part of app development myself, I will test the developer response. If I hear nothing back from developers after leaving negative feedback, I know that consumer feedback isn't important and I don't see those developers being able to go the distance. The developers of Sift responded quickly; a good sign regarding the stability of the app and the commitment from the people who created the app. Until people have gone thru the exhaustive process of taking an idea, building the app, getting that app up and running, jumping thru Apple's hoops before the app is finally ready for prime time, I don't know if they can really appreciate the amount of work that's involved. It seems insurmountable at times! Initially, I was experiencing glitches with the app where I'd set up touch ID and it worked for awhile before I'd go to login and touch ID wouldn't work. I was prompted to enter my PIN code. I'm OCD when it comes to passwords and PIN numbers. I have two password managers so I know my PIN number was correct. I was locked out of the app and I would have to delete the app, reinstall and after a few days I'd experience the same thing. After deleting the app, I boosted RAM then shut my phone down to make sure there wasn't a rogue app causing a problem. I powered up my phone and after a few days, experienced the same issues. My initial review included the problems with logins. I had an unusual experience after going thru their browser. The first time I was locked out, I opted to attempt a login via their browser on Safari and I got an unusual beta format screen which did not allow me to login. While I did not go thru a password manager when I initially experienced this beta screen, it was similar to what one would see with an app that isn't ready to be opened via a password manager and the only way to reproduce this "beta" screen again was attempting to use it with a password manager. Since the "Sift" logo doesn't show up on the password mgr, that normally means that apps aren't ready to work with password mgrs. I really don't care if it's working with password managers, it's working normally via the app now. I'm giving the app 4 stars because I don't see all the online store purchases I've made. I'd like to see more online stores and I hope that is mysomething the developers are working on. When I see more stores showing up on the app, I'll give it five stars. So far, I've not had any problems since they were able to reproduce and fix the login error. I do feel that this development team is willing to work with problems as they arise. Nothing is ever easy when the smallest of errors in coding can cause a host of problems so I thank the team for getting back to me so quickly.

It said I didn’t have to do anything.

Then it came to the part where they asked for my email access to read, write, delete, and manage my email. No thanks.


Pretty decent. I have received several refund of $5 or less. Nothing major but money is money. Love to see all the protections my cards offer which I was never aware of. Now I have to think which card is the next to is depending on the purchaseS.


Since signing up both my cards have had attempted transactions that triggered fraud alerts. One was for 157.00 and happened while I was driving to work. I don’t trust your app and others shouldn’t either.

Almost Pointless

I mainly only use this app to manually track prices because after about a month, my first “automatic” refund claim has yet to produce any results or show up on my account. Even using this to track price changes doesn’t work well, considering I consistently have a notification badge of 30+ notifications on the app icon every day, but I have no idea what those are even for. There’s nothing in the notifications screen in the app aside from one or two status updates about packages being delivered.

Saves me money

I've already been able to save some money thanks to Sift. It found a lower price on some items I bought and it provided what I need to submit a price protection claim with my credit card company. It also worked on my behalf with a store's price match guarantee and I didn't have to do a thing.

My bank is giving me problems with price protection

Hey guys, love the app! I think it’s a great idea. But I’m having issues with actually getting my money back when there’s a price drop defected. I’ve submitted about a dozen, but only gotten money back for one, I think. So the price protection on my chase credit card is run by a third party company apparently. When I submit a claim through sift they’ll send me an email saying that they’ve received it. About a month later they send me an email saying my claim in incomplete and is missing a copy of my statement and an ad proving I found a better price. I’ll usually take a screenshot of the app and send along my statement. Then they’ll say that the ad isn’t dated and that they tried to find it but couldn’t. So my question is, I’m sure I’ll still have to send them my statement every time. But is there an option for sift to save a dated file that proves the price drop somehow? Or should I switch banks? Do other sift users have this issue with other banks? Thank you!

Love this AP

Found out about this AP and on the day I activated it It found $100 dollars, I could of saved but sadly I was using the wrong credit card. I can't wait to start saving money now that I got my card with the price protection loaded. Great AP if for any reason it lets you unlock some of the benefits your cards have and keep track of your spending.



What a tease

This app would be terrific if I could add my credit and checking account but none of these apps seem to have Patelco Credit Union listed. Those are the 2 accounts I use most! Reply: I already did thank you

Doesn’t work as advertised

App always thinks a different card was used other than actual card. When it doesn’t automatically pick the wrong card I always have to manually go into app and tell it which card I used so it’s not automatic I went through an old purchase and changed to right card. It found a price drop and still no automatic use. It asked me to enter card number, account username and password all over again to claim. I don’t understand where the automatic and seamless process is here. It’s all manual.

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