SIFT - Cash Back Automatically App Reviews

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Sift requires information I don’t have yet

Got email from Sift saying I needed to submit a monthly statement for the current month, which I won’t have until next month.

What a tease

This app would be terrific if I could add my credit and checking account but none of these apps seem to have Patelco Credit Union listed. Those are the 2 accounts I use most!

Pointless with Capital One

After taking with Sift support: Amazon purchases aren’t covered by amazon and are at the mercy of CC price drop policies. Capital One offers no price protection benefit. I use that CC for all my purchases. So, that means this app allows me to see the price drops on things I bought, but will not let me get the money. Cool.

Needs work

I Dont like it

Not worth it to me

I’m pretty frugal and in general I check the prices on major purchases to see if they go on sale. Also the fact that they gain full access to your Gmail account makes me uncomfortable.

Love the app! Just one mistake...

The image for Ink Cash Card is wrong. It shows Southwest Airlines credit card now... It should be an easy fix.


Love it!



Love it!

Easy to use!

Love it so far

Love it so far



Awful app

Awful app

Greatest app ever!

Saves me so much work

Great app

Really enjoying having all purchases in one place!

App needs more financial options

App only provides a few financial institutions to pick from and trying to find credit union institutions is impossible to find or add, so even if there is money to be claimed you will lose it because the app won’t recognize your financial institution. I have lost money due to this flaw in the app program.

Don’t recommend

I’ve switched all of my credit cards to my cards that offer my money back if the price drops. Those cards are the cards I don’t get rewards from. I thought giving up the rewards would result in more money back from price drops. It’s been over a month and I haven’t seen a penny back. Lost hundreds in rewards! Great idea, but it doesn’t work.

Bugs! And uninformed costumer service.

Most recent update fixed the error in which ALL purchases were being excluded from price protection. Now price protection isn’t working...I manually found a price drop today yet the app has not found it. Customer service reps just repeat back FAQ...

Love that I can add paper receipts now!

I’m a mom and do a lot of online shopping so this keeps everything organized nicely. Got at least 6 refunds in the last 2 months! And I love the latest update where I can now consolidate all my purchases including store receipts from Walmart and Macys’s

Nothing works

No help from chat service chat bot is frozen and app doesn’t do what it says Too bad

Very buggy

I barely use

Awesome app

Keeps all my important purchase data organized and automatically gets money back from credit card benefits

Amazing app, just a bit of improvement.

There should be a refreshing logo by the price drop section, so to let you know that it’s searching for any new items that it might’ve missed in the background. As well as, the app should try and automatically link the credit card from the app, to the item from the purchase confirmation emails that stores send. The app overall just needs to be a bit more fluid and straight forward.

long process

before i got refund

Doesn’t work AT ALL

What’s this app for??? All the purchases I have made are “ineligible for price guard” for an unclear reason or the app just doesn’t track the price history. The prices of some of the products that I bought went down but Sift never finds it. I have gotten nothing through this app.

Already getting money

I have had this app for a couple of months and have already received money from Discover card for reduced price found

Got me price protection from Amazon

Saved me $27 from price protection on Amazon after I bought a new bed frame. Hassle free. One extra step where you might need to submit a CC statement. But then the check arrived weeks later! Pretty awesome.

Great app!

I've used others that claim to do similar, but none have been nearly as comprehensive or effective!! Really impressed.

Great app

Love this app!!

Ugly logo

- What does the spaghetti logo even mean ? - love that I can filter my purchases by text and categories - while playing with searches there was a huge blank space and search results appeared only in the bottom window - the search boxes keeps jumping in and out - My credit card is not available in the list. Don't understand why we cant manually add cards

Great idea but it does not work

I downloaded the app and tried to add multiple email to track purchases but the yahoo email was not adding on to the existing account. Secondly, I could not add my credit cards for tracking even-though my credit card popped up, it did not save to the app. I was so excited to use this app until it did not function appropriately.

Credit Card

Doesn't use Capital One Credit Cards.

Poor follow up; no support.

I joined Sift on the 27 September 2017. Today...I’m still waiting for them to notify me when they will support my credit card, which I use on a daily basis. It’s a well used Capital One credit card... which is not in their database. Sift is a great concept, but in practice they don’t seem to support many credit cards (or add these to their database in a timely manner). So my patience has run out... and I’m saying goodbye to Sift 🙁


I had some fraudulent charges showing up on this account. I tried to contact them, and received no response

Good idea, but...

I've had price drops, but I can't claim them because my credit cards are not supported. As long as you use a major retailer card, but my cards are issued through my banks, and they cannot be added. So my refunds are just sitting there. Stinks.

Only tracks email transactions

Great concept but falls short on delivery. If you can’t get all transactions covered, it is a worthless program to me. I don’t need this app to be sifting through my email when 90% of my transactions are offline transactions.

Now I know what card to use!

I always knew my credit cards had some useful benefits but never knew what they were and if they were real or not. Thanks to this I always check to see what card to use before making any large purchase! And oh yeah - I love getting the price drop checks in the mail!!

Awful app

I can’t tell you how aggravating it is for Sift to notify me that three of my recent purchases have dropped in price, only for me to try well over a dozen times over the past two days to link my credit card so that I can be refunded for the difference. I have updated the app, reloaded it time after time, yet in each attempt the app keeps on loading endlessly. To add to that, the website doesn’t function, and I receive no response from my plea to the customer “support” feature on their site. What a waste of time. UPDATE: I tried contacting the support email address the developer listed below and apparently there is no such email address. This seems to be consistent with the overall lack of support I’ve been experiencing in the first place.

Tell everyone what you purchase

Tell everyone what you do.


This app is pretty legit. Just got my first refund back.

No longer works

Updated Review: Due to fast response from the developers I am more than confident the issue will be resolved soon Great app doesn't let me add cards now after the update.

Great idea, but needs work

The overall idea is great, and the app picks up purchases from your email well, but there are several frustrations I’ve run into with regards to price tracking. First, it seems to flag lots of purchases as ineligible for price protection because they're "in a category excluded from credit card policies" which is absolutely not true for the items flagged, and the card policy clearly states so. There's no way to manually flag the purchase as eligible. Second, I get price drop alerts for items that were purchased with a card that doesn't have price protection. There no way to remove those from the list manually. Third, it would be great to be able to manually enter items to track, for items that don't have an email receipt. Even if it's just so I can have one place to track warranty and return status. Overall, it's a good app that can save you money, but it needs some polish to make it a more reliable and less frustrating service.

Price drops not eligible for discover cards

I appreciate the price drop alert but being you don't work with discover card might not be a good choice for me.

A perpetual, transferable license to fish in your email

From the terms of service: “2.5 Limited License to Access your Email By registering as a user for Sift' Services you grant Sift a perpetual, gratis, transferable license to access and analyze your email for the purpose of providing the Services. Further, you hereby grant Sift, for the duration of your use of the Service, a perpetual, gratis, transferable license to publish, publicly display, host, distribute and duplicate any content derived from you email that Sift deems relevant and necessary for the purpose of providing you the Service. You may revoke this license at any time by deleting your Sift account.” The privacy policy makes clear that the Sift app business model is to sell this information to third party users. Remember, if you’re not paying, you’re not the customer—you’re the product. Be careful about how you let your data be sold.


I see the potential for it. However, they do not support Navy Federal Credit Union (the worlds largest credit union, mind you), so I cannot do anything with the app. I’ve emailed them but no one has responded. It’s been almost 2 weeks now. I’ll keep installed just in case they add support. For now.

Great concept

Excited to use this app. Onboarding was near seamless, but a glitch in the UI is preventing me from adding the last four digits of my card (using iOS11 on an iPhone SE). Hopefully the developers read this and fix ASAP.

Well designed

Super well designed and easy to use


Hello. Using iPhone 5se. Encountering a bunch of bugs. Here are a few -can’t add the last 4 digits to any credit card. The keyboard doesn’t pop up -can’t a card to any purchases. Wen choosing a card it just doesn’t do anything Please fix! Thank you.

Unimpressed so far

So far the few things I have bought, via amazon, are “not eligible” for price protection.

Not working

When adding credit cards and email accounts I get a success message, but once I return it says nothing has been added. Also, the whole process for adding an iCloud account is broken.

Amazing app

This app does the job for you, while you shop online Sift in in the back watching all your order for any price changes, shipment updates etc..

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